Are you ready to retire?

Retirement is right around the bend, but are you ready? There are a few things you should do before walking out the door with that final paycheck. Get prepared for all that awaits you in retirement with these first two pre-retirement tasks from our retirement checklist:

  • Pre-retirement task #1: Determine your vision for retirement.
    This is an important step to making sure the next chapter of your life is both enjoyable and fulfilling. Those who enter retirement without a firm vision of what they want their retirement to be may find themselves having regrets about leaving the workforce early and not having any idea about what to do with the next 20-30 years — even if money isn’t an issue. Make sure to not only evaluate financial readiness, but also emotional and mental readiness.
  • Pre-retirement task #2: Consider adjusting your asset allocation.
    A surprising number of people don’t customize their asset allocation around their needs as they approach retirement. For most people, this process involves toning down stock exposure and ramping up on other more conservative financial products to help ensure their nest egg is maintained into retirement. But that’s not for everyone. Make sure you’re taking a good look at your overall goals and objectives, as well as looking at how the economy is faring to see how it may play a role in your financial decisions.

Stay tuned for more tips that can help you on your way to achieving the retirement you desire.


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